India-based information technology company Tech Mahindra Ltd announced yesterday (September 18, 2014) that it will partner Bosch Software Innovations to develop an ecosystem to enable innovation and solutions for the connected world and enterprises.

Under this partnership, Tech Mahindra's Digital Enterprise Solutions group will work with Bosch Software Innovations to develop proof of concepts and solutions that will focus on developing connected solutions for smart cities, enterprises and smart homes.

"Tech Mahindra is delighted to be associated with Bosch Software Innovations in this exciting journey of Internet of Things," said CP Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra. "With Tech Mahindra's expertise in various verticals such as Telecom, Big Data, and Analytics, we are confident of providing customer centric solutions for creating tomorrow's connected world."

"With innovative software development methodologies and flexible data models of Bosch and the innovation ecosystem of Tech Mahindra, we believe we have the right skills to develop and deliver connected applications to this connected world," added Ing Rainer Kallenbach, chairman of the board of management at Bosch Software Innovations.