Software-defined networking (SDN) is generating a lot of hype, yet Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises is still seeing a knowledge gap in the market.

Asia Pacific sales vice-president, Matthieu Destot, said the channel is important in helping businesses understand what SDN will bring to customers, rather than just talking about the technology.

"SDN can mean many things, but we need to simplify how we explain it to the customer," he said.

Destot adds partners and resellers need to demonstrate how the network will meet needs of the applications running on it.

Over the last decade, Destot said the IT industry has mainly build networks for customers "without having any clue" about the applications that will run on those networks.

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"People are now starting to understand a lot of applications are running on those networks, becoming more and more complex in the process, and we need to meet the needs of those applications," he said.

For the applications

Destot sees today's applications requiring a network that is "dynamic, secure, and reliable."

That is why he emphasises an approach of showing to customers how a network can be constructed to meets the needs of their applications.

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"We recognised very early on this need to match the networks with applications," Destot said.

"When we pitch SDN to our customers, it has to mean the way we will provide a network that will meet the need of their applications."

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