Cisco is urging partners to transform from a product to a services play and develop expertise in the area of intelligent networks and the Cloud.

Cisco APJC president, Jaime Valles, made the call to partners to take the transformative journey into services and prepare for Cloud computing at the second Annual Partner Led conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

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"If we move and position from the product to the services, allowing monetisation of our customers and driving profitability, we're going to be extremely successful. We're going to evolve our partner strategy to deliver on these new business models that we're going to be seeing in the future because there are multiple market transitions happening simultaneously -- each of them could change an industry."

Valles said there are massive opportunities for partners in the APJC region. "This is the fastest growing region in the world. There is over $40 billion of joint business. Ninety-five percent of business in the region is based with partners and that is going to continue," he said.

"Of the $40 billion market, Cisco captures today close to 20 per cent with you in APJC. There is 80 per cent to go. The fastest growing segment is commercial -- and it is 100 per cent partner led. We are convinced we are going to grow -- and APJC is the fastest growing opportunity to make that happen."

He said partners need to prepare for the Cloud -- it represents an $8 billion market opportunity. He said it involves a focus on cloud services including SaaS, TaaS and IaaS.

"Most of our customers are talking about the Cloud today. They agree and we all agree that it is not going to be public Cloud," he said. "Instead, it will be a hybrid combination of private plus public, in which our customers will go public and the pieces that do not differentiate their business model will go private on the things that make them different. Either way, public or private, it is an opportunity for us to make it happen. Even in the private Cloud, you need to have access for all the devices and you need to have secure mobility."

He said partners need to take advantage of the smart and connected communities opportunity -- and position a vertical market play. "We have been talking about this for years, but it is a fact that when we talk about changing two-thirds of the lives of the world population and we have over 700 million people moving into cities -- we're going to need education, health and utilities."

In highlighting regional hot buttons, he said partners can also take advantage of market opportunities in the telework space.

"It is about social, it is about mobile, it is about Cloud, it is about information. All of them by themselves are critical, but when you combine them together it completely changes and improves the quality of life. The best example of this is what we call the new way of working -- changing the way we work. Work your way."

"When you think about the workspace, it is not about what office you have -- that doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is being connected all the time, with access to all the information in a mobile, social way with all the tools. It is having the information at hand that has datacenter analytics and in a secure way independent of the device."

He said the company is keen to collaborate with partners in order to build profitability and innovation. "We want to work with you to drive applications -- to build the solution base with our technology and your application and services in order to offer value to your customers."