Optus has reported that its '10 Satellite' successfully completed its orbit raising and is hovering at a temporary test location before it moves to its permanent operational zone.

The satellite was launched on September 12 from Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana. Communication was established with Optus' Belrose satellite facility "in the hours" following take off.

The satellite will serve to expand the telecommunication provider's fleet capacity and provide in-orbit redundancy.

It is currently positioned on the geostationary arc to enable payload testing. Optus expects this process to be completed by mid-October, at which point the craft will be relocated to 164 degrees east.

"Our experienced team of satellite experts has worked closely with the satellite manufacturer Space Systems/Loral to undertake preliminary deployments and tests prior to reaching the geostationary orbit where it will complete rigorous testing to ensure all on-board equipment is fully operational," Optus satellite vice-president, Paul Sheridan, said.

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Optus' satellite business provides support to the likes of emergency services, and the mining and agriculture industries, while also delivering subscription and free-to-air television, radio, Internet, and voice and data services across Australia and New Zealand. It also services parts of the McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic.

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