Optus has successfully launched its Optus 10 satellite which hosts NewSat's Jabiru-2 payload.

The satellite successfully propelled into orbit following lift-off from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana.

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Optus wholesale and satellite, managing director, Rob Parcell, said the launch took place this morning.

"This represents the next advance into space by Australians and is an exciting milestone for Optus."

Optus launched Australia's first satellite almost 29 years ago and is the only local company to own and operate satellites in the country.

The Optus 10 satellite expands Optus' satellite fleet capacity and provides an in-orbit redundancy capability.

Optus has the largest fleet of geostationary satellites in the region, servicing Australia, New Zealand and the McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic, according to a company statement.

Parcell said the company's satellite business held a unique position.

"No other Australian telecommunications or satellite company can match the range of communications services we provide," he said. "Our satellites reach every part of the country, delivering subscription and free-to-air television and radio services, as well as voice and internet for emergency service providers and mining and agricultural industries."