In an effort to improve network experience, telecommunications services provider, Optus, is crowdsourcing to its customers feedback about its network.

The move is part of an update to its OptusNow mobile app for Android, which will gather information such as signal strength from customers, which will be sent to the Optus networks team.

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Optus head of customer experience, Amanda Hutton said, "Networks are incredibly complex, so this app is designed to gain insight into network experience at an individual customer level, not just the average experience. No network is perfect, but with our customers' help, we want to make the Optus mobile network the best in Australia. Through strong investment, smart partnerships and real feedback from customers, we're well on our way to delivering this.

"As part of our commitment to giving customers the best network experience possible, we're always looking for ways to improve. Our customers tell us network quality is one of the top reasons for choosing their telco, so understanding actual network experience and making improvements based on this are absolutely critical for us." The OptusNow app will help Optus identify what areas to upgrade, location of black spots, mobile phone faults, call dropout locations, and strength of coverage inside buildings, according to a statement.

Android users can participate by installing the OptusNow app for free in the Google Play store. The network information is run in the background of the app and doesn't access any information about websites or apps that have been browsed, according to a statement from Optus.