NBN Co has reactivated roll-out progress on its website.

The updated weekly rollout update is now available on the NBN Co website. The table now includes a state-by-state breakdown, providing the public with details about the progress of the project after it was stripped of build progress pending the yet to be released strategic review. As of last Sunday a total of 8270 additional lots/premises were passed/covered by the network during the week.

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Of these, 5278 were in Brownfield and 860 were in Greenfield areas.

Brownfield areas are those which were built some time ago, while greenfield refers to new developments of units, houses and the like.

According to a company statement, NBN Co has added 2132 premises to its fixed wireless footprint and there are now 120,789 premises using NBN services across all technologies.

"During the week an additional 2887 premises had services activated on the network, including 2,147 on fixed line services and 740 using satellite and fixed wireless," a spokesman said.