Meru Networks has outperformed Cisco and Aruba in independent testing, which has found the Meru AP832 to be the world's fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point.

The 802.11ac competitive testing, commissioned by Meru and conducted by independent laboratory The Tolly Group, found Meru outperformed Cisco in seven of eight, and Aruba in all eight multi-AP, multi-client test cases.

According to the report, the tests showed that the overall performance of the 802.11ac Meru AP832 Wi-Fi access point was better than the directly comparable Cisco AP3702i and Aruba AP225.

The differences were most significant in the video streaming traffic test, in which the Meru AP832 was 43 per cent faster than the Cisco 3702i and 103 per cent faster than the Aruba AP225.

Meru also demonstrated lower latency when streaming video -- 56 per cent lower than Cisco and 61 per cent lower than Aruba.

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Tolly Group founder, Kevin Tolly, said the 802.11ac specification enabled great gains in performance.

"Meru has demonstrated, with their 802.11ac AP832 access point, a clear performance advantage over its competitors in our labs."

To simulate an enterprise office environment, 6 APs were deployed for simultaneous testing.

A total of thirty client stations were used - five for each AP.

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Each group included four clients implementing 802.11ac2x2 and one 802.11ac3x3 client.

The testing varied the traffic by type and direction, including downstream and bidirectional data, bidirectional VoIP and unidirectional/downstream video streaming.

Tests were conducted in both multi- and single-AP configurations.

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