Despite Gartner predicting 25 billion devices will be connected by the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, software developer, Readify, claims there are hurdles to overcome at board and executive levels. Readify chief technology officer, Mitch Denny, said boards' and senior executives' risk too much if they do not educate themselves about technology. Progressive and IT savvy leaders are more inclined to explore new opportunities to benefit their business. "Industries like mining and utilities are already automating their environments using driverless trains and autonomous trucks, and deploying smart grid technologies, but other sectors that could benefit from intelligent systems are dragging their feet," Denny said. "The hospitality, health, retail and transport industries for instance could hugely benefit from smart buildings and smarter asset management, but decision makers often don't realise exactly how the Internet of Things can help them solve industry-specific problems. "The reality is, every industry will benefit from it." According to Denny, while not every company needs intelligent systems in place right here, right now, now is the time to educate all industries around their value. "We are keen to start a conversation to help decisions makers understand what the Internet of Things means to their industry, how can it transform their business and add value," he said.

Readify was the first Australian company to receive Microsoft's Gold competency in Intelligence Systems. The company is already working on a major IoT project bringing together its embedded operating systems, cloud computing platforms and data platform experience. To understand what is holding companies back from deploying IoT infrastructure, Readify is running a a series of roadshows about the Internet of Things alongside Microsoft in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in the New Year.

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