Hong Kong Airlines is working with G-Link to provide free trial Wi-Fi services for travellers to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

The trial will run from July 25 to August 31, and will be offered from 17 origins including Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Passengers must have the G-Link mobile app installed, and will be able to ask for an activation code while checking in for their flight or receive it automatically from an online booking.

Once activated, the app will allow travellers to access over 200,000 hotspots in the three markets for free. The G-Link hotspot roaming service is being provided in partnership with Tactus Hong Kong.

"Mobile internet is a necessity to many people nowadays. However, data roaming services are expensive for travelers," Hong Kong Airlines commercial director Li Dianchun said.

"In view of the increasing demand for overseas mobile internet services, Hong Kong Airlines has decided to work with G-Link to introduce a new concept of service to passengers by integrating Wi-Fi internet roaming services into the aviation services."

Should the trial prove successful, the offering could be expanded to other destinations. The airline currently covers around 30 business and leisure travel destinations in Mainland China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.