Small businesses in selected neighborhoods in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri now have the opportunity to get in on Google's fiber Internet service, the company announced today.

The Google Fiber program had previously been limited to residential customers, and its expansion into the business market signifies the partial fulfillment of Google's long-standing plans to elevate a fiber-enabled Kansas City as a shining example of what very-high-speed Internet service can do for a metropolitan area.

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Google's Kansas City field team manager, Carlos Casas, wrote in an official blog post that local businesses could realize a number of benefits from the company's 1Gbps service.

"[W]hether a business uses their connection to move to the cloud, get closer to customers on Hangouts, or bring more transactions online, we're excited to see what happens when Kansas City businesses say farewell to slow speeds and hello to all the tools and technologies that they need to grow," he said.

According to the program's official website, Google Fiber for small businesses costs $100 per month, and at least for the moment customers won't be charged the usual installation fee that Google levies on residential users, in exchange for running a fiber line to their house. A static IP address can be purchased for $20, or five static IPs for $30.

Today's official blog post emphasizes that this is an early access period Google has not announced when more general access to its small business fiber service will become available for Kansas City businesses. Nor did the company provide any information on whether the program could expand to its other two residential markets for Google Fiber, which are Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas.