After a long vacation, it's routine to show off those photos and relive the moments of your long stay away, though it's quite a hassle trying to remember where all of those photos were taken. Google Earth's new geolocation layer for its Android app will make it easier for you to share your photos and pinpoint exactly where they were taken, without having to backtrack through a crumpled up tourist map.

The Google Earth update was released Wednesday and is slowly rolling out to Android users. We were unable to install the update ourselves, but according to the Google Play store, the update is coming.

You'll be to show off your geocoded Google+ photos, provided you have geocoding turned on, as well as Google+ image upload. If you don't have either of these settings activated, you won't have any pictures to show off. Since we haven't been able to try the new feature just yet, it's unclear whether or not the app will display photos that were geocoded after the fact.

As mentioned, the Google Earth update is still rolling out. If you still don't have it, hold tight.