Many companies are aspiring to - and attempting - the flexible working approach, but Blue Jeans Network has seen few master it.

COO, Stu Aaron, said the challenge lies is finding a flexible working arrangement that balances efficiency and actually work.

"While working from home can boost the productivity of one staff member, inadequate home technology can hamper team collaboration and quickly become a pain point for other staff," he said.

Email remains a popular tool in business communication, though businesses are beginning to explore other options as they place value on face-to-face connection and remote working.

"There has been thirst for communication platforms which offer a richer experience and real-time collaboration," Aaron said.

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Time for a change

With the Victoria government developing policies that could see agencies adopting a "bring your own everything" approach, Aaron said it time to look beyond email.

"With a burgeoning mobile workforce in Australia, it's clear our work habits are diversifying rapidly," he said.

A number of video applications are already available in the consumer space, though Aaron describes the fragmented nature of the solutions as a "virtual minefield."

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"Business-class video collaboration technology that is interoperable between different devices and operating systems is one way to improve communication while providing flexibility for employees to use their own devices," he said.

For organisations that want quality and security during conferences, Aaron recommends video technology that is both interoperable and designed for business use.

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