Eurosport has doubled its corporate networking bandwidth as it expands its virtual private network across 20 countries.

The sports broadcaster signed a deal with network provider Interoute to help it meet increased bandwidth demand generated by its business applications.

The new Eurosport MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) VPN network will connect countries including Germany, Spain, Poland, England, Switzerland, Sweden, and France. Smaller sites in parts of Asia and Europe, such as Tokyo, Dubai, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Finland, will be connected to the Eurosport network via a secure IPsec VPN.

"We were faced with the challenge of how to improve our network performance and our costs, and selected Interoute as sole operator on all of our private and public networks to help us achieve this goal," said Pascal Delorme, systems and networks manager at Eurosport.

Delorme said Eurosport had increased the number of sites on the MPLS VPN from 12 to 20, with the main sites fully managed by Interoute. The secondary sites connected over the IPsec (IP security) system are managed locally, allowing Eurosport to integrate new sites at lower costs, he said.

Interoute is also providing local data backup in individual countries. With the help of the MPLS network - which prioritises network traffic - Eurosport says it has enjoyed an increased quality of service.

In other MPLS news, kitchen appliance brand AGA Rangemaster also recently connected to a new network - provided by services firm Star - to increase data speeds and cut costs across its global operation.