CSL is set to deploy LTE Advanced 300 (LTE-A300) in Hong Kong for its two mobile brands 1010 and one2free, the company said recently during a LTE-A300 demonstration.

Without slating a launch date, Christian Daigneault, CSL's CTO said that the company will test LTE-A300 in the lab over the coming months before commercial launch.

According to him, new devices supporting LTE-A300 are expected to be available in 2014. "By that time, our LTE-A300 network will be mature," he noted.

1O1O and one2free aggregated its existing licensed 20 MHz LTE carrier at 2600 MHz with another licensed 20 MHz LTE carrier at 1800 MHz, to achieve a maximum theoretical speed of 300 Mbps, according to CSL. The firm also claimed that 1O1O and one2free are the only operators in Hong Kong today with sufficient FD-LTE spectrum to achieve these optimal speeds with LTE-A300.