Edimax has launched its new nano router, the BR6258N. This diminutive red box, the size of a matchbox, is actually an 802.11n wireless base station.

On one side are two network ports, for incoming WAN and a single LAN connection. Power comes in through a mini-USB port, and there’s even space on the case for a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button.

Edimax BR6258N & Gerard da Deppo

Gerard da Deppo, managing director of Edimax Italy, proffers the BR6258N, perhaps the world’s smallest wireless base station

Joining the professed high-speed powerline party, Edimax now has HomePlug AV adaptors listed with 500Mb/s and 1Gb/s performance. These are named HP-5001 and HP-G100 respectively.

On the wireless side of networking, PC Advisor was shown a novel one-box solution that combined wireless-n router, four-port gigabit switch and one-bay NAS server. The NR-5470n accepts 2.5in notebook SATA drives.

With IP cameras becoming more popular, Edimax has highlighted the difficulty in setting these up and introduced its Edimax Plug n View Software system. This is said to improve plug-and-play setup of its IP surveillance cameras.

Even more intriguing, it was demonstrating an iPhone app that can control the functions of its PTZ cameras. The user can easily, if slowly, adjust pan and zoom though multi-touch gestures on an iPhone or iPad.

Edimax IP cams on iPad and iPhone

An app for the iPad and iPhone allows multi-touch control of an Edimax panning surveillance IP camera

Setting up the increasingly popular megapixel IP camera, Edimax now has 2 megapixel-resolution cameras.

The FC-11R (W) Series offers infrared LEDs for night-vision mode. These cameras are ONVIF-compliant, to assist setup and interoperability with other brands.

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