Communications infrastructure company Arqiva, which supports TV and radio broadcasters and mobile operators, has put the finishing touches to a mammoth new network.

The network, provided by Virgin Media Business, connects up to 40 sites across the UK, and will support broadcasting and data transfers for the likes of the BBC, ITV and BSkyB, along with independent radio groups, the main mobile operators and the emergency services.

The dedicated "Arqnet2" network can transmit data bundles of up to 16 terabytes at "superfast speeds". With more capacity now in place, Arqiva could launch a new TV channel for its customers "without any concern over the demands it would place on the network", said the company.

Mark Lovell, head of technical architecture at Arqiva, said: "Arqiva's customers expect a service that can deliver their TV content across the country, to whatever device the audience is using.

"To enable us to distribute this efficiently and reliably we needed a network that understood our needs. Using Arqnet2 we are able to reassure our customers on capacity and speeds."

Earlier this year Arqiva was among the suppliers chosen by the government to help build the UK's £12.1 billion smart meter grid