As the home automation, wireless networking and mobile accessories markets continue to heat up, hardware accessories vendor, Belkin, expects to grow its local channel business by 40 per cent this financial year, according to managing director, Ian McLean.

"The market is tough out there; it is tight, so how do you go about doing that?"

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McLean sat down with ARN and divulged some of the strategy at an exclusive event in Dural, 'Your Home at Your Fingertips,' which showcased a line of new products, whereby journalists could witness the kit in action.

McLean told ARN the company has been making an aggressive push into the channel, which comes on the heels of the company revamping its brand identity and focus.

The Linksys push in Australia is a hot focus, he said. "The Linksys business in Australia has not been very successful over the last number of years. In the last six months, we've consolidated the business down -- and we are seeing a growth phase starting now. And coming towards the end of this quarter, the beginning of next, there is a whole range of new networking products coming to the marketplace, particularly around SOHO and SMB."

The home automation and security markets (particularly cyber security) are other hot channel plays, he said. Earlier this year, the company launched a home automation product into the channel in Australia dubbed Wemo, which lets users control home electronics from anywhere. The product is sold through Express Data, Ingram Micro and Dicker Data.

"Wemo is not just the switch, it is the intelligence of the Internet and bringing that into products. It is a big channel opportunity."

Education, power and energy management are other hot verticals, he added.

McLean said his big focus is on engaging the channel.

"Regarding our channel strategy expect to see more consistency and longevity of channel engagements. We're trying to build up that channel trust to become a trusted advisor linked into the channel."