AVG has made its online back-up service available to all web users.

LiveKive, which was announced last month but only availble as a closed Beta, comes in both free and paid-for versions.

As soon as web users sign-up, they are prompted to set-up the automatic incremental back-up, which can take place as frequently or infrequently as the users requires - ranging from every five minutes to every day, week or month.

Like many other backup services, AVG's LiveKive benefits from historical versioning so users can access previous versions of a document, even if they've since saved changes, as well as delete protection that allows previously deleted documents to be restored. Furthermore, AVG says users can sync the online back-up with an unlimited number of compatible devices, so it doesn't matter whether you have two or ten PCs in your home.

LiveKive also offers a secure sharing function. Users can chose which documents, images and other files to place in a 'share room', which thy can then elect to share with as many or as a few web users as they like and each person given access to share the files is issued with an individual UserID key. However, those sharing can't make changes or edit the files in anyway.

There's no limit on the number of files that can be shared, or the number of 'share rooms' that can be created. Meanwhile, apps for Apple's iPhone and handsets running Google Android are also available. The apps, which are free to download, that let LiveKive users view their backups on-the-go.

Content is encrypted on the users PC and then transferred to AVG's servers, which are based in the US. US data privacy and retention laws differ from those in Europe.. However, AVG says its does offer a Zero knowledge option, which means it won't store information on the user or the contents of their backup However, if a user loses their password, AVG can't issue a reminder. AVG will also notify users when they ar close to reaching their storage limit.

LiveKive free comes with 5GB of online storage space, while a £34.99 per year service features 25GB of space and for an annual subscription of £54.99, there's an Unlimited option. The Unlimited option, which comes with 30 day free-trial, is subject to a Fair Use Policy, which confusingly requires users to "keep within 95 percent of what users are using". AVG says it will publish the figure that 'users are using' on its website. All of back-up options are for just one user.

AVG LiveKive is available for now and compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as Mac OS X. The security firm says support for Linux will be introduced in the coming months.

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