The UK's Ashridge Business School is ensuring a faster and more reliable network across its campus with systems from HP Networking, which will also support the school's BYOD (bring-your-own-device) strategy.

Ashridge is an independent international business school based in Berkhamsted. Founded in 1959, Ashridge works with individuals and organisations from around the world in its core areas of executive education, research and consulting. It is ranked as one of the top 20 business schools in the world by both the Financial Times and Business Week.

The Flex Campus network will allow Ashridge's users to access the system securely from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

"Our users have high expectations, and reliable high-speed internet access across the entire campus is a must," said Matt Woodland, IT operations manager at Ashridge Business School. "Our new HP network with 10Gbps core connectivity has improved user satisfaction by delivering secure access across the campus. It has also reduced total cost of ownership due to a much lower annual maintenance charge."

The virtualised core-to-edge HP local area network (LAN), implemented by HP partner NETconnection Systems, has improved Ashridge's IT responsiveness by co-ordinating business requests with applications, data and infrastructure.

At the core of Ashridge's HP Flex Campus network are two scalable HP 10500 Series Switches, which provide 10Gbps connectivity and which will be able to support 40/100Gbps Ethernet in the future.

They are consolidated into a single virtual switch with HP's Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtualisation technology, which reduces network complexity, simplifies network operations and enhances network resilience.

The entire network is centrally managed, including all access points, with HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) software. HP IMC has enabled an integrated, cohesive BYOD strategy, said Ashridge, including the on-boarding, provisioning and monitoring of devices.