Apple boss Steve Jobs kept it quiet, but it seems the company's in-development iTV device sports its very own hard drive.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference, Walt Disney chief executive officer Robert Iger said: "It can stream [content] live through the box to the TV and has a small hard drive.

"I saw it in a living-room setting. It felt like a game changer to me in many respects. As the content provider we are, that was very exciting."

Jobs has offered only a slight glimpse of Apple's forthcoming device for streaming media held within an iTunes collection on a networked computer to a television.

He described iTV (which should ship in the first half of 2007 under a different name) as offering a range of connectivity options to get iTunes content on to a TV. The device will stream content from computers in the home to the big box.

It will do this using either ethernet or Wi-Fi. It will be controlled by an Apple Remote and a Front Row-like interface visible on the TV screen.

Disney has already sold $1m-worth of movies through iTunes since Apple launched its movie download service last week.