Kitchen appliance brand AGA Rangemaster has brought in cloud computing and services firm Star to supply a new MPLS network to help improve its global operations.

AGA and Rangemaster recently merged and Star has been tasked to help achieve improved services and reduced costs through an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deal. The multi-protocol label switching network project aims to achieve a return on investment in just 12 months. AGA Rangemaster says service speeds have "increased 20-fold and costs have reduced by as much as 40 percent" with the help of the network.

Imran Hassan, head of IT at AGA Rangemaster, said: "Merging two companies can be an opportunity for a total reassessment of how you do things. By appointing Star as our network services provider we have been able to outsource the delivery of network infrastructure including our firewall and VPN (virtual private network).

"The consequence has been a vast increase in service availability and performance as well as a huge reduction in service costs."

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