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  • London's leaking wireless data, claims RSA

    network Wifi 3

    A third of wirelessly connected businesses are vulnerable

    14 Mar 2005

  • Wi-Fi security improves

    network Wifi 5

    Certified standards and products arriving this year

    05 May 2004

  • Software giant finds its G-spot

    network Wifi 3

    Microsoft unveils wireless home network for US consumers

    15 Sep 2003

  • WiFi group tightens up network security

    wireless network cafe

    Wireless LANs to gain better protection

    31 Oct 2002

  • Wireless war


    Experts scan the globe for unsecured networks

    30 Oct 2002

  • Wireless networks not so safe

    wireless small

    Most users don't lock up their systems

    11 Mar 2002

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