It happens to you all the time: you lose your keys, your laptop bag, or your left shoe somewhere in the house, but you don't realize it until you're trying to head out the door to make it to work on time. If you happen to be a Windows Phone user, you might be in luck: Nokia is launching a gadget that uses both NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 to help you locate your lost items. All you have to do is physically attach it to those particular items.

According to a report on The Verge, this particular gadget will be referred to as a "Treasure Tag"--essentially a trackable tag of sorts, like Samsung's NFC-enabled TechTiles, except that it utilizes two proximity-sensing technologies instead of one. When you've misplaced something, an app on the phone will display the location of the sensor on a map using Nokia's LiveSight Augmented Reality technology. You can locate the item by holding down a specific key, which will then trigger a notification sound if the item is nearby.

Treasure Tags will feature batteries that are good for up to six months so that it can be located at any time. It will also be one of the first gadgets to use Bluetooth's new Low Energy (LE) standard. Existing Lumia handsets will be able to utilize the technology after it pushes out the forthcoming "Amber" update, which will enable Bluetooth 4.0 and LE support, as well as tack on other features like FM radio capabilities.

The Treasure Tag should debut sometime in the next few weeks. We'll be sure to give you the full rundown once it becomes available.