Windows Phone 8 release date and specs

Microsoft's next generation smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, has captured the imagination of lot of people and for many there is only one question left to be answered, "when is the Windows Phone 8 release date?" See also Nokia Lumia 920 release date and specs.

Samsung, Nokia and HTC have all confirmed that they will be making smartphones that will run the new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, but despite this, Microsoft is still refusing to confirm when the official Windows Phone 8 release date will be. Take a look at Microsoft Windows 8 review.

The only thing that Microsoft is saying about the Windows Phone 8 release date is that it will be sometime after they fully launch the desktop Windows 8 operating system - which will take place on the 26 October. See also HTC Windows Phone 8X preview.

Here is what we have found out about the Windows Phone 8 release date.

Windows Phone 8 release date

As mentioned above, Microsoft has already confirmed that the Windows Phone 8 release date will be after the Windows 8 desktop OS launch, which takes place on 26 October.

We can narrow the possible Windows Phone 8 release date window further thanks information displayed on, which has the HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 release date displayed as 8 November. So we can say with confidence that the Windows Phone 8 release date will be no later than 8 November 2012.

HTC 8x Windows Phone 8 release date

Windows Phone 8 release date: 29 October?

The general consensus of opinion - based on internet rumours - is that the Windows Phone 8 release date will be on Monday 29 October, just three days after the Windows 8 desktop OS will be made available to the public. These online rumours seem to have stemmed from ZDnet's reporter Mary Jo Foley who attributes getting the official launch date from "a source of [hers] privy to Microsoft's event plans".

To add a little weight to this suggestion, numerous other technology websites are reporting on a story that suggests US mobile operators AT&T will have the Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920, available to buy on 2 November. The early November release date for the first Windows Phone 8 release date is backed up by "sources at European telecoms operators" said the Nokia Lumia 920's release date would be early November for the larger European countries".

Windows Phone 8 specs

Windows Phone 8 Specs Microsoft announced that it would be working with smartphone manufacturers HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei for its new Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft did announce that Windows Phone 8 will support "bigger, shaper screens", specifically stating 1280x768 and 1280x720 would be the two options on offer "opening the door to amazing new handsets with high-definition 720p displays."

However we can report that unlike previous versions of Windows Phones that couldn't handle multi-core processors, Windows Phone 8 can. This unlocks a heap of potential as all of the modern day power-phones all boast quad-core processors; it's even been reported that in theory Windows Phone can can support a 64-core processor, which is frankly crazy.

Windows Phone 8 specs: tiles

Windows Phone 8 Tiles Probably the most iconic thing about Windows Phones are their infamous Tiles. Don't worry though, they're not going anywhere. They are being upgraded in Windows Phone 8 to become "even more personal". What this means is they will come in a range of new colours and three new sizes, the idea being you can design your start screen to suit you

Windows Phone 8 specs: NFC and e-wallet capabilities

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of the next generation of smartphones is their NFC capabilities. Thankfully Windows Phone 8 recognises this and isn't shying away from it. Not only does NFC (near field communication) allow you to share files via contact easily it also has the potential to be your debit/credit card and oyster/travel card all at the same time. Windows Phone 8 will support NFC functionality, so now it's just over to the major banks and other companies to embrace and unlock the new technology. See iPhone 5 to have e-wallet capability.

Windows Phone 8 specs: extra storage

Possibly one of the biggest drags with the current king of Smartphones, the iPhone, is its lack of expandable storage. In a fine display of leaving no stone unturned again, Windows Phone 8 (like many other smartphones) addresses this and will support removable MicroSD Cards.

Windows Phone 8 specs:better apps

Windows Phone 8 apps and games Perhaps most important feature of any smartphone OS is what sort of apps they pack. Microsoft are promising to "unleash a new wave of amazing apps and especially games", which not only suggests Xbox has a role to play here, but also shows they realise the importance of having plenty of apps for the phone. Microsoft's one size fits hall approach to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, RT and 8 Pro tablets also makes developing an app for Windows a whole lot more appealing. Watch this space.

Windows Phone 8 specs: built-in software

Windows Phone 8 will come equipped with Internet Explorer 10, which Microsoft says is faster, more secure and has the ability to block dangerous websites and malware.

Finally, Microsoft has realised the importance of quality mapping on smartphones and therefore Windows Phone 8 will come with Nokia mapping as standard. This gives you turn-by-turn mapping and the ability to store maps offline so you don't waste your data downloading the same map day after day.