Musician has unveiled a range of iPhone accessories designed to enhance the device's camera abilities.

At a press event in London on Wednesday, the Black Eyed Peas member showed off his foto.sosho range, which includes four cases, ranging from a whopping £199 to £299.

Two of the cases are designed for iPhone 4/4S and will be available to buy exclusively from Selfridges from 6 December, with the two iPhone 5 models 'coming soon'.

The £199 foto.sosho C.4 case will be available in black or white, and includes a flash module, macro, fish-eye and clear glass interchangeable lenses, and a camera grip.

For an extra £100, you can buy the foto.sosho V.4, which is designed to make your iPhone 4/4S look like a vintage camera. It adds a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, includes the three interchangeable lenses and flash, and comes in white and gold or black and silver.

The iPhone 5 versions of the two cases, which will be launching at a later, as yet unspecified date, will be available in silver and brown leather, all white leather or black leather designs.

CEO of's business Chandra Rathakrishnan revealed that the iPhone 5 foto.sosho V.5 and L.5 will offer superior iPhone camera quality through the use of a 14-megapixel camera and 5x zoom lens.

As well as the cases,'s iPhone accessories come with an app that provides editing, filters, effects, social media connectivity, and a profile within the '' domain.

When asked by Engadget why users would cough up the couple of hundred pounds it costs to get your hands on one of the foto.sosho accessories, Rathakrishnan said: "It's really a fashion accessory that intersects with technology. It allows you to look cool, feel good doing it, easy to use."

"People are spending a lot of money on getting Burberry cases and getting Prada cases just to protect their phone," he added. "This takes it to a step further. It actually brings functionality and turns your iPhone into something better than it already is."

Rathakrishnan also revealed that a worldwide launch is going to take place in 2013.

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