Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3, has a number of features. One of which is AllShare Play. Its name isn't much of a hint as to what is actually does, so in this article we explain 'What is AllShare Play on the Samsung Galaxy S3?'.

In a nutshell AllShare Play is an app that lets you share content between devices. It allows the Galaxy S3 to connect with other compatible technology such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs. AllShare Play is able to do this using a combination of Wi-Fi Direct and digital living network alliance (DLNA).

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Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone

AllShare Play can be used to remotely access, manage, download or upload files between a Galaxy S3 and a PC, for example. You could also share files with a friend who has a Galaxy S3. See alsoGroup test: What's the best smartphone?

AllShare Cast is part of the app and lets you mirror whatever is on your Galaxy S3 screen on a larger display like a TV. It works in a very similar way to Apple's AirPlay and if your TV isn't DLNA certified you can purchase an AllShare Cast Dongle.

Another element of AllShare Play is Group Cast. This allows multiple devices to be connected together to view content simultaneously. For example, the host selects a group of photos which they wish to share and sets a PIN number so others can join the Group Cast.

Anyone in the group can then flick though the content which is synchronised between all the devices. Users can also draw on images, the result of which is displayed to the group in real-time.

Below is a video from Samsung showing off the sharing capabilities of the Galaxy S3 including AllShare Play.