Nokia IFA 2014

Join us at 9am (UK time) for the Nokia Lumia launch live video stream.

IFA 2014 is set to kick off in Berlin this week, with a slew of new products from some of the biggest names in the tech world expected. Among those big names is Nokia, which dominates the list of the best selling mobile phones of all time. Now owned by Microsoft, has Nokia got an exciting new smartphone to show off today? Here's what to expect from Nokia at IFA 2014. See also: What to expect at IFA 2014

Microsoft has scheduled a press conference in Berlin for today (4 September). The tag line for its conference is "ready for more?" complete with a huge hint at new Nokia Lumia devices. In the 'o' of 'more,' you'll spot the camera lens you'll find on some of Nokia's Lumia phones.

Microsoft has already recently launched the Nokia Lumia 630, 634, 930 and the Nokia Lumia 530, but it's expected that the company will reveal at least one more smartphone, if not two.

IFA 2014 rumours: Nokia Lumia 730

The Nokia Lumia 730 – codenamed 'superman' – is a possibility, alongside the Lumia 830.

The Nokia Lumia 730 will be the mid-range Windows Phone from the company, and is likely to have a new design and new firmware, according to leaks that emerged mid August.  It's expected to cost around £250, and is rumoured to be a "selfie phone," complete with a 5Mp front camera and a 4.7in display.

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IFA 2014 rumours: Nokia Lumia 830

In addition to the Nokia Lumia 730, it's possible that part of Microsoft's 4 September press conference will be dedicated to unveiling the Nokia Lumia 830, which is apparently codenamed Telsa.

It's expected that the Lumia 830 will be a high-end Windows Phone priced at around £350. It could have a 4.5in 720p display with a 20.1Mp PureView camera, SD card support and decent specs, rumours suggest.

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We'll be at IFA 2014 to bring you all of the latest news, live coverage, first impressions and hands-on reviews from the show, so be sure to check back during what's set to be a busy week for tech!