This week's roundup of iOS accessories will help you run, jump, and see the world around you just a little better than you could before. Here are some accessories that caught our eye:

AOC: Most docking stations for iOS devices are built around delivering big sounds. The $229 Aire iPlay docking system from AOC aims to deliver a big picture, providing a 23-inch flat high-def screen that lets users display photos, video, or video games directly from your docked iPhone or iPod touch. The dock includes built-in 10-watt speakers for a stereo sound that matches the picture; it's also relatively portable, weighing in at just 6.3 pounds, making it easy to take a movie wherever you go.

Apen: Most styluses are just a tool to let you write and draw on your iPad without having to use your finger, a device that takes advantage of iOS's multitouch capabilities without resorting to your own flesh. The $100 A5 is a bit different: You plug a dongle into the dock connector of your tablet, which then communicates wirelessly with the stylus, letting you draw or annotate documents using one of three compatible apps: FlyNotes, Studio Basic, or IdealNotes. The stylus can also be used in conjunction with Macs running OS X 10.5 or above.

Kanex: No matter how many iOS cables we have around, we always wish we had one more. Kanex seems to understand our problem, since it is now selling the iPhone- and iPad-compatible cables in packs of two for $25 or three for $30. Unlike some non-Apple cables on the market, Kanex says these are good for both syncing and powering up your iOS device.

Kensington: Yes, there are a million keyboard cases out there--so Kensington is trying to distinguish itself with a little style. Its $100 KeyFolio Pro 2 fits the last two generations of iPad, and it comes in brown, red, and caramel. The device features a removable Bluetooth keyboard, as well as a velcro fastener that lets you prop the tablet up at an angle ranging from 20 to 70 degrees; when you're done it folds back to look like a regular folio. It can also be unfolded to prop your tablet into a display position without the keyboard.

Nike: Nike and iOS have long been linked, and now the sports company is deepening the partnership with three new products--Hyperdunk, LunarTR1, and Lunar Hyperworkout--that use sensors in your Nike shoes to measure your workouts and game-playing, and wirelessly communicate the data to an app on your iPhone. Nike hasn't yet unveiled pricing information for its new line of shoes, but the launch of the product line occurs on June 29.

USBFever: If you want to capture images of small details, then USBFever's $21 Super 20X Macro Lens with Back Cover might be of help. The device comes with a back cover designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S; if you need to take a photo using the lens you can just screw it onto the case. The phone's flash will be blocked when the lens is on, however, but one upside: The back cover is also compatible with USBFever's 8x telephoto lens.