Vodafone users are being given a free six month trial of the internet TV service Babelgum.

Vodafone customers on contracts with data bundles and using the Nokia N96, N95 and 6210 handsets can download the Babelgum Mobile application and then browse and play video clips of films, music from artists including Robbie Williams, Coldplay and the Kings of Leon, as well as BBC TV comedy shows such as The Office. All of the content is accessed using the handset's 3G connection.

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The service, which also offers music, film and animation competitions encouraging users to submit their own content, allows video clips to be uploaded straight to social networking site Facebook.

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"What sets us apart is that we're the first independent online television company to cross over into full mobile internet, a truly original application and programming. Our content offering also reflects the new communication codes of the web, with fast, fun entertainment that's enhanced by high-quality, professional production standards," said Babelgum CEO Valerio Zingarelli.

Babelgum said it plans to make the application compatible with more handsets in the future. The application can be downloaded through the Vodafone Live! service. The company has not revealed how much the service will cost once the trial has expired.


The Babelgum application lets Vodafone users access video clips from three Nokia handsets

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