Two new HP iPAQ Voice Messenger and Data Messenger phones are set for launch in the UK through Vodafone.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed for the HP iPAQ phones, which will also become available via HP's website. However, it is thought the HP iPAQ Data Messenger will cost €549 (£431), while the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger is expected to be priced at €449 (£352).

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger has a 2.8in touchscreen and a full slide-out qwerty keyboard. The iPAQ Voice Messenger is a 'candy-bar' phone with a 2.4in screen, and lacks support for touch input.

The two newcomers are, apart from that, very similar. Both phones use Windows Mobile 6.1. Data Messenger comes with the Professional version and Voice Messenger comes with the Standard version.

Both can surf the web or access enterprise applications using Wi-Fi or high-speed packet access (HSPA). They support fast download and upload speeds, at 7.2Mbps and 2Mbps respectively.

There is also support for A-GPS. Users can also snap pictures using a 3.1Mp camera and store data using a microSD card slot.