Virgin Mobile has overhauled its mobile plans in Australia, and has introduced a top-tier premium plan that includes a return flight overseas.

The new "Irresistible Plan" is available from today and costs $140 per month.

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It offers unlimited calls and texts across Australia, 6GB of data and $200 worth of international calls per month.

The plan will offer one return flight to New Zealand, Fiji or Vanuatu for customers who sign up to a 24 month contract. It also allows customers to upgrade to a new smartphone every 12 months.

Customers will need to be signed up to the plan for three months before they can book, and will then then have a six month window to make the booking.

Virgin also confirmed that customers who sign up to the Irresistible plan can upgrade to a new smartphone of their choice every 12 months, provided they re-contract for a further 24 months at the time.

The new plan is part of a brand shift for the company, who wants to position itself as a genuine competitor to the top three telcos in Australia.

"We want to be more than mobile," said Head of Virgin Mobile Australia, David Scribner. "We want to be the most loved mobile brand in Australia. This is an aspirational goal, but one that we feel is very much obtainable."

"Rather than be a mobile company that happens to be Virgin, we want to be a Virgin company who really does best in class mobile," he said.

In addition to the Irresistible plan, Virgin has also overhauled its other mobile plans.

The company said it is no longer interested in a "price game", and admitted data allowances have been decreased on most of the new plans.

Virgin Mobile has also revamped its My Account system for customers to monitor both voice and data usage, with a new app for iOS and Android smartphones available from the end of August.

A usage alerts system will also be available, which notifies customers when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent, and 100 per cent of their monthly voice and data limits.

The new Virgin Mobile plans are available from today.