Leave it up to Google and Motorola to make our Jetsons dreams come true: the company has begun rolling out an update to the app that lets you unlock your phone by yelling out your pin. You'll still be able to shout out "Okay, Google!" but now you'll also be able to say "one, three, three, seven" to activate the device.

The update ensures that users who rely on a passcode to unlock their phone can get in on the all the benefits of Touchless Control. You'll still have to input your PIN number to look at email, messages, and contacts, however. Google also enabled the ability to use more Google Now commands with Touchless Control.

The new feature does bring up a few security concerns. Although Touchless Control identifies only your voice, blaring our your passcode around others is likely a dangerous feat and, even though it uses your voice to unlock the phone, voice recognition isn't a entirely flawless technology just yet.

The feature is only available on Motorola devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, which means that the Motorola DROID handsets available from Verizon won't get the update just yet.