Finally. It's upon us. It seems like a life time since a ball has been kicked in anger, but the wait is over, the Premier League is back.

Your appetite probably doesn't need whetting any more, but just in case it does, here a five fine apps that will help you get the most out of the 2011/2012 season.


ESPN Goals

This app isn't just the best football app realised this year, but probably the best app released this year in general. Why? Because it delivers goals to your phone. That's right, you can watch your team's (and every other teams') goals within minutes of them crossing the line. No more need to wait for Lineker and cronies to show them to you at 10:45 pm. This app is is far from a one trick pony though, as it also gives you fixtures, results, latest scores and news stories too. Most importantly its price is very reasonable too…free!



Sky Go


Say what you like about old Murdoch (and most people do), but if there is one good thing he has done with his time on God's green earth it's raise the profile of football with dedicated broadcasting. Sky's latest move is to bring Sky Sports to your phone via this amazing little app. If you're a Sky Sports subscriber you can watch football on your mobile by downloading app and it's completely free. Where's the catch? There isn't one. Download the app now and if your out and about, or your partner simply won't let you watch any more football on TV you can stream the hell out of Sky Sports on your mobile. The picture quality is ace too. Marvellous effort.

Football Addicts

Football Addicts

Football Addicts is a very busy app indeed. There is literally all sorts going on and once you download it you'll find yourself getting lost in a glorious world of news, transfer rumours and live scores. This app describes itself as a tool that sifts through the dirt of millions of football stories to bring you the gems. While that may be a bit of a flouncy statement, it certainly walks the walk as well as talks the talk. You can flick through the teams you're following in a typically Apple-esque fashion and access all the information you could possibly need from the five handy tabs on the bottom. Well worth a download.

Bet2Go Sports


If you're the sort of person who likes a bit of a flutter on the football now and again then this is the app for you. Bet2Go Sportscompares the prices of betting odds from all of the major bookmakers and boasts a database of no fewer than 250,000 odds at any one time. All you need to do now is set up online accounts with all the major book makers and you can double/lose your wages in a heartbeat. Note: This could also be a gambling addicts worst nightmare.

Football Score Centre

Soccer Saturday App


The best way to think of this app is imagining having Soccer Saturday's Jeff Stelling in your pocket at all times. This no nonsense app is one that all football fans should have on their phones. You can tell it what club's scores you want to look out for the most and it will remember this and store them on the dedicated 'My Scores' page, very handy. The app also has an excellent home page that will give you all the info you need on your favourite team including news, fixtures, league position and results. Unbelievable Jeff.