Can't get enough sport into your life as it is? Then why not keep the wide world of sports a mere finger's length away, with an all-singing, all-dancing sports app for your Android phone or Android tablet?

Here are PC Advisor's Top 5:

1. BBC Sport Mobile

As you'd expect from the Beeb, this is a slick and easy to use app that covers every sport from football to fencing. Perfect for a quick snapshot of up-to-date sports news and in-depth reports are only one click away.

bbc sport android

2. 2011

Here's one for all of the petrol heads out there. The F1 app provides everything that the modern motor racing fan could possibly want or desire. Real-time F1 data streams into the app, delivering; lap times, mapped grid positions, wind direction, track temperature and a shed load more info we can't fit in to this article.

F1 android

3. ESPN ScoreCenter

If you want an app that delivers pretty much every score you could think of right to you fingertips then look no further. ScoreCenter lets you personalise your home screen so you can get up-to-date scores and results from all of your favourite teams and leagues.

ESPN Android

4. Fantasy Premier League Lite

If you're a football fan, then the chances are that you're already obsessed with your fantasy team. This tidy little app let's you monitor your team and live Premier League scores at the same time. For £1.49 you can download the full app and manage your team in full.

Premier League Android

5. Free Golf GPS Range Finder

If you, like some of us on the PCA team, have trouble with selecting the right club from the bag on more than one occasion, then this totally free golf app is just what you need. It has over 21,000 courses mapped out and its GPS distances are deadly accurate. No more excuses.

GPS Range Finder Android