It's a hard life being an IT journalist, especially at this time of year. You work all day, only to have to go out all night to socialise, eat, drink and be merry. I hate every minute of it.

Of course I don't. This year's Christmas party season is already in full swing and it's one of the best I can remember. This is the time when companies don't need to push products at you – they'll just have a party, no pitch. Even the PRs get to let their hair down a bit.

That's not to say that there are no product announcements at the moment – the Xbox 360 launched last night, of course – but there were also (at least) three other parties happening. Knowing that our very own Will Head had the Microsoft party covered (he always gets the best gigs), I set myself the challenge of checking out the Nokia party, the LightScribe Christmas drinks and the messy aftermath of Brother's annual visit down to the capital. I not only achieved all this, but I managed to find my way home, too – with a pocket full of other people's business cards and emptied of my own.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly arriving at the Brother party late in the evening to see that the entertainment had been perfectly crafted to suit our very own features editor, Rosemary Haworth. A George Michael impersonator – and quite a good one at that – was belting out Wham! hits on stage. Those people who know our Rosemary will know of her, shall we say, questionable musical tastes, and a space had cleared for her on the dancefloor to throw some shapes, as the kids say.

I was cursing myself for having no better camera on me than the one on my mobile phone, so if anyone who was at the Brother party has any pictures of Rosemary dancing, then please, please, please send them to me.

Parties are coming up at the rate of two an evening from now until Christmas, so I'll post again soon to let you know just who has been shaming themselves on the dancefloor, and hopefully I'll have some pictures, too.