When it comes to mobile technologies, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the highlight of the year, with manufacturers unveiling the handsets, smartbooks and operating systems they'll make available later in the year.

This year's show included the launch of three new mobile operating systems - Intel and Nokia's MeeGo, Windows Phone Series 7, and Samsung's Bada OS - plus a slew of powerful new handsets.

We've rounded up the 15 most highly anticipated mobile technologies set to appear later this year.

At last: Windows Phone 7 is here

At long last, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 Series (the official name for Windows Mobile 7) at a packed press conference on the first official day of the Mobile World Congress.

Slated to launch on handsets by Christmas 2010, Windows Phone 7 Series is a complete overhaul of previous versions of the OS.

If you're familiar with the Zune HD's user interface, you'll feel right at home with Windows Phone 7.

Overall, Windows Phone 7 impressed me: I found the interface clean, user-friendly and socially connected.

The Quick Launch screen (pictured) is one of the most intriguing features and certainly a far cry from the old Windows Mobile start screens of yore.

Large, colourful tiles serve as shortcuts to your most-used or favourite apps or websites. You can also place live tiles on the screen with links to your Facebook profile or friends.

Every Windows Phone 7 device is a Zune

No official 'Zune Phone' was launched this time around. However, every Windows Phone 7 Series device will have a Zune music and video player.

This is a feature I've wanted in Windows phones for a long time, as I love the Zune interface but despise the Windows Media player.

Windows Phone 7 users will also be able to sync their media using the slick Zune PC client.

Adios, Windows Media Player!

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