More and more smartphone owners are making use of the camera on their handset, and Apple iPhone owners are no exception. But before you think about transferring your digital snaps to your PC to edit and generally having fun with, check out these five iPhone apps that will let you edit photos, share them and more, all from your mobile phone.

Lego Photo

When it comes to adding fun effects to your digital snaps, many photo apps offer the more 'usual' effects such as turning an image into a painting or picking out a specific colour. However with this app you can make you photo seem as if its made out of Lego bricks.

iBald Free

If you've wondered what you'd look like without hair, then check this app out before you 'do a Britney' and reach for that razor. iBald lets you take a digital snap of yourself and add a bald cap to give you a new look.

WiFi Photo Transfer

This app ensures you can access photo libraries on your PC via your handset's web browser anywhere there's a Wi-Fi connection.

BeFunky Photo editor

There are plenty of photo editing apps available in the iTunes app store but we particularly love BeFunky as along with basic edits such as cropping and rotating, there are 20 effects to chose from that can be added to your digital snaps including Vintage, Grunge and Sketch.

TouchNote Postcards

We love this app from Touchnote, the online service that lets people print their digital snaps in the form of a unique stand-up greetings card. Users can send images taken from their Apple smartphone directly to the photo printing service and customise them before they're printed.