It's not every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants their mobile phone to be absolutely up to date with the latest technology, with a 10 billion megapixel camera or room for their entire music collection in MP3s.

And it's not everyone who wants to sit salivating at its beauty, dressing it up in different cases and keypads as if it were a baby – especially if it's likely to become covered in paint, plaster or general yucky stuff within 24 hours. For some, having a phone that actually rings, doesn't cut out half way through and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to use is the main priority – and so it should be.

So enter Dead Zones, a Wiki of mobile phone coverage complaints, which has been successful in the US and now hopes to bring the UK an open forum to share service coverage complaints with carriers and fellow customers.

Dead Zones founder Jeff Cohn says: "Mobile operators are always keen to sell the latest technology and the latest gadgets. However, many consumers wish that they would spend more time, money and resources improving the quality of basic service. The trend continues that people rely solely on mobile technology as their only method of staying in touch with friends or family. For many small businesses, such as plumbers and electricians, it is essential to the running of their business. Yet 'I'm going to lose you in a second' is still one of the most common endings to a conversation. We offer people the opportunity to record those problems in a database in a way which we hope will persuade operators to take action."

If you have a collection of stunning mobile phones that can do everything but make the tea – or call people when requested to – here's your chance to have a whinge and, hopefully, make yourself heard.