If your pocket is feeling a bit light after forking out for the new 3G iPhone, then check out our list of five productivity apps that cost absolutely nothing.

After the initial outlay for your 3G iPhone, you can be forgiven for being reluctant to spend any further dosh. That's why we trawled Apple's App Store and came up with five productivity applications available right now.

Admittedly four of the five tools on this list have their share of limitations and bugs to work out, which made us shy away from testing paid productivity apps. All of the following apps were tested on a first-generation iPhone with the 2.0.1 firmware. It should be noted that during testing, we did experience occasions when 3G connectivity was slower than usual.

PageOnce Personal Assistant

In the realm of free applications, no 'killer productivity app' for the iPhone exists, but PageOnce Personal Assistant is as close as it gets. Rather than providing its own set of services, PageOnce Personal Assistant aggregates your online accounts and feeds them to your iPhone in one handy, streamlined interface.

However, those feeds are limited to read-only status. It's still a handy app for seeing your bank balance (no payments or transfers, though); reading your MySpace, feeds; viewing your cable television bill and scanning your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other web-mail inboxes (no sending messages, though).

I did see a few notable omissions to PageOnce's otherwise impressive lineup of online partners. For example, PageOnce has no Facebook integration, which is especially surprising given the numerous references on the PageOnce site to getting your Facebook feed through the app.

In addition to the read-only limitations, I noticed a bit of a lag time between signing up for feeds online and having them work on my iPhone. Also, I really hope PageOnce has airtight security (the PageOnce site claims it does), due to the amount of personal information submitted to get the full range of offerings. And it's much easier to just check your email inbox than to use the limited read-only feed on PageOnce.


With Evernote, gone are the days of emailing things to yourself just to get them off your phone and on to your computer. One of the first apps I loaded on to my iPhone, Evernote lets you send written notes, photos (taken from both within the application and stored in your iPhone's photo album), and voice memos to an online repository that you can access anywhere with a web connection.

Evernote's free version limits your uploads to 40MB per month, while Evernote Premium increases your upload limit to 500 MB per month for a $5 (£2.50) monthly or $45 (£22.50) yearly fee. For the casual user, though, the free version should offer plenty of storage.

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