We strolled through the virtual aisles of RIM (BlackBerry)'s app store to find five great titles - and as just as many useless ones. Check out our list of the apps you'll love and hate.

When it comes to mobile phone app stores, Apple led the way but now other phone manufacturers following suit, including BlackBerry.

RIM's BlackBerry AppWorld, lets you buy and download any of a few hundred applications without connecting to a PC or creating a special account (it relies heavily on PayPal). What's worth getting - and what's not? Here's a collection of five cool BlackBerry apps and five useless ones.

The five best apps


Where's the nearest Italian restaurant? That's the classic example of the kind of problem that a location-based service is supposed to solve: finding stuff near you, especially when you're in unfamiliar territory.

Poynt does so simply and capably - and for free. The basic interface lets you choose among three types of searches: general yellow pages (you specify the category), contacts, and a specialised query with options for finding nearby theatres or movies.

Poynt uses mobile-tower triangulation when GPS coordinates aren't available, so it's always working even if you're indoors. And did I mention that it's a free app? However, it currently only works in the US, Canada and Germany. Poynt didn't specify whether it will be made available in the UK any time soon.

Exgis Time and Expense Lite

Anyone who needs to track expenses and time should check out this practical and easy-to-use tool. The expense form offers any field you can imagine, including date, location, type, client, project and notes.

If you don't find what you want in the drop-down list of categories, you can easily add your own, including general ledger codes; you can save clients and projects for easy reuse on drop-down lists, too, which makes for fast data entry.

You can export (to .csv format), save, and email data for date ranges you specify. For $10 (£6.10), this software is a small investment that will save you lots of time in filing reports.

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