We've rounded up the 16 best BlackBerry browser shortcuts, ensuring your can browse the web from your smartphone quicker and more efficiently.

Turn on JavaScript for a single page

To say that the BlackBerry Browser has JavaScript-issues would be an understatement; the browser works slowly enough without it, but switch it on and your web surfing quickly slows to a crawl on JavaScript heavy sites. As such, it's generally a good idea to turn off JavaScript.

To enable or disable JavaScript, hit 'S' and open your Browser Options, then choose the Browser Configuration option. On the following screen, check or uncheck the box next to Support JavaScript.

However, there's also a valuable keyboard shortcut that lets you turn on 'one-time JavaScript', or reload a page with JavaScript enabled, no matter your usual disabled setting. Click your 'J' key while on any web page, and your page will auto-refresh will JavaScript enabled.

Search for text on a web page

As with a desktop browser, you can search for specific text on a web page via BlackBerry browser. Hit 'V' or 'F', type in the text you're looking for and click the trackball.

You'll be directed to the first appearance of the text on the page, assuming it appears there. You can then continue to hit 'V' to see where else the text shows up on the page.

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