The 3G iPhone is the gadget of the moment, and Apple's new App Store offers a range of software to make it even better.

However, we can't help feeling a little disappointed as there's a number of very basic features that come as standard on other smartphones, which Apple seems to have disregarded. With these features added, the 3G iPhone could come pretty close to perfect. So here's our list of the iPhone’s missing but important functions.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Despite being fairly standard on most multimedia phones, MMS capabilities aren't part of the 3G iPhone's bag of tricks. That said, you can email photos taken with the iPhone's 2Mp camera (or photos stored on the device). You can also share YouTube links directly from the iPhone's YouTube application. So why is MMS missing? It could be tied directly to the 3G iPhone's lack of a video camera; you can't share video files if you can't shoot or store it natively on the device. As for music, iTunes' strict limitations on sharing music are probably the reason behind that, but it would at least be nice to have audio-sharing capabilities for non-DRM-protected tracks.

Stereo Bluetooth/A2DP support

You've got to love the fact that the new iPhone no longer requires an adaptor or headphones designed for its recessed headphone jack. But what about cutting the cable altogether? Unlike the latest BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian mobile platforms, the latest iPhone still doesn't offer the convenience of using a stereo Bluetooth headset to listen to its on-board iPod, at least not without using a bulky adaptor. For such a common feature, and for a company so aesthetically inclined, that's more than a little surprising.

Selecting, copying, and pasting text

Apple fixed a few of the first-gen iPhone's shortcomings with the early-2008 firmware update (sending text messages to more than one recipient, for example), but they didn't add an option to edit text by selecting passages and copying and pasting them elsewhere in an email message. And with the new iPhone firmware, they still haven't. This missing feature is more than a little annoying for those who write more than talk, want to copy and paste long strings from URLs, or fix links that get truncated in email messages.

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