4G smartphone

Tesco Mobile has launched 4G services and is offering it to customers for "less than the price of a cup of coffee".

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The supermarket has announced that its mobile phone customers can add 4G to any existing tariff for £2.50 per month. Tesco Mobile is the first virtual operator (it uses O2's network) to offer 4G to its customers.

Simon Groves, Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms, said: "As Tesco Mobile launches 4G we're bringing it to all our customers at a great value price and if it's not for them, they can switch back to 3G or adjust their 4G data allowance to suit their needs whenever they like. It's why we call it Flexi-bendi 4G and it's what makes our 4G offering the most customer centric in the market."

4G on Tesco Mobile is available to pay monthly and SIM-only tariffs. Deals start at £10 per month which bags you 500MB of data and 250 minutes. See also: 4G vs 3G network hands-on speed test.

Since Tesco Mobile uses O2's 4G network, it is available in 9 cities including London, Leeds and Bradford with a further four will to be added by the end of the year - Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Users who are unsure about how much data they will use on 4G can opt for a 'Capped Tariff' to avoid any unexpectedly large bills. They can also ditch 4G or adjust the data limit to suit their needs.

Mirroring O2's Refresh scheme, Tesco Mobile offers 'Anytime Upgrade' plans which split costs across two contracts, one for a smartphone and one for usage.

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