If the words "unlimited," "iPhone," and "no contract" are a few of your favorite things, then Straight Talk Wireless is ready to make your day. Starting on Friday, January 11, the carrier will be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on its $45 per month unlimited plan.GB--

For that $45, you get yourself unlimited voice, texting, and data. Of course, it's not without its tradeoffs. You'll be buying the iPhone unlocked, which means unsubsidized--which, in turn, means more moolah upfront. You'll also have a limit of which models you can choose from: the iPhone 5 is available only in 16GB--in white or black--for $649, while the 8GB iPhone 4, also in white or black, will cost $449. If you were eyeing an iPhone 4S, you're out of luck. Straight Talk's also offering an unlimited plan with unlimited international calling for $60 per month.

Additionally, the plan is available exclusively through Walmart. However, the retail giant wants to get you into an iPhone today--so much so that it's offering no-interest financing on the cost of the iPhone, which works out to a $25 fixed-monthly payment. That deal isn't without its own caveats, though: You'll need to use a Walmart credit card to purchase the phone in a store.

This isn't the only option for those looking to go contract-free. You can also buy an unlocked phone directly from Apple, and earlier in the week, T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed that his company would also be ending subsidies and offering no-contract plans in the next few months--right around the time it also begins selling the iPhone.