Smartphone are set to transform the way we travel, says T-Mobile.

According to a study conducted by the mobile network, in conjunction with trend forecasting company, the Future Laboratory, mobile phones and augmented reality apps will explode, offering users "a completely immersive travel experience".

The apps will cover everything from instantly translating foreign text such as signs or a menu, to allowing the user to explore a location through geo-tags posted by locals.

The network described tourists most likely to take advantage of augmented reality app for their mobile phones as 'insightseers'.

Meanwhile, 'supersumers' will use their handsets not only to compare prices of goods, but also to make informed decisions when shopping, by simply pointing their smartphone at a barcode to access a wealth of information - from the carbon footprint of the product to the credentials of a manufacturer.

Two in five smartphone owners said they no longer get lost thanks to the GPS in their handset and 20 percent admitted they felt safer when they had their phone on them.

The research also revealed that 59 percent of men that surf the web from their handset said they felt a sense of superiority having been able to access information before anyone else thanks to their mobile phone.

T-Mobile nicknamed this group of handset owners 'digivores'.

The mobile network also said the way we communicate with our smartphone look set to change. It cited Immersion, a US developer that predicts as soon as later this year, your smartphone will let you communicate with friends without words, using haptic technology.

For example, if you shake your phone to express an emotion, it will create a corresponding vibration on the phone of the person you want to communicate with.

"Contrary to the outdated view that smartphones are just for geeks, the increasing simplicity and affordability of smartphones means they are now being used by more and more people. Our latest research also shows they're even changing our social behaviour," said Richard Warmsley from T-Mobile UK.

"Smartphones empower their users - whether it's having the knowledge to fight your argument, find out the origins of the products you're buying, or the confidence to travel to places you've never been before - and this is a freedom and knowledge that is now available to everyone."

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