Smartphone users are frustrated by their inability to print from their iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android mobiles. According to research by IDC 52 percent of respondents who use smartphones for work said they cannot currently print from their device, but want to.

According to new survey findings from IDC 39 percent of respondents say they travel for work, which represents a large and evolving workforce that has new requirements for print.

The IDC study found that moderate travel is most associated with increasing print volume.

"We are on the verge of a mobile print expansion, and business users will demand and eventually expect print capabilities from their mobile devices," said Jonathan Bees, IDC research director of US Hardcopy Device Usage Trends.

"This shift away from dependence on desktop PCs and laptops for printing will provide users with the access and mobility they're looking for. Furthermore, mobility is driving print volume."

According to the IDC survey workers who travel moderately are the most likely to report increases in print volume. Conversely, workers who travel heavily are the least likely to report increases in print volume.