Twitter Remember texter's thumb? ('txtrs thumb'?) No longer must all mobile typers risk carpal tunnel syndrome to stay in touch, thanks to the integration of touchscreen qwerty keyboards into smartphones.

When asked, via Twitter: 'Does your smartphone have a full qwerty keyboard?', fully 52 percent of Smartphone Focus readers voted 'yes'.

And for all those such as GLComputing who wondered: "Does that include screen based (iPhone)?", the answer is a resounding 'yes'. We've yet to see a successful implementation of a smartphone with a full, hardware-based qwerty keyboard. (We'd love to.)

Asked to comment about touchscreen qwerty keyboards on phones, the response was mostly positive - despite the relatively recent apparent hegemony of BlackBerry phones, with hardware keyboards.

Of course, not everyone was convinced, BooksInBed saying that a touchscreen was "Not as easy to type on as with a keyboard".

But by and large, most posters were positive, failing to differentiate between keyboard and touchscreen. So what's so great about typing on a touchscreen?

lextonsnol commented: "Got used to it very quickly. Keeps down phone size and breakable parts."

And the intuitive nature of touchscreen keyboards is important here. It is, trust us, virtually impossible to explain how easy it is to type in an iPhone: you just have to, well, use one.

Rypythegreat said qwerty touch input was 'great', even on a relatively small smartphone such as the Nokia 5800. Interesting, because size is clearly an issue for some.

NigelCW, for instance, said he found touchscreen qwerty input only 'quite good'. The issue?

"The keyboard needs to be larger."

So form factor matters, and some people will always prefer a hardware keypad. But in general, it seems, the smartphone users we chat with on Twitter are positive about touchscreen keyboards - which is just as well, because touch is here to stay.

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