Twitter Apple's iPhone is, I think, the best smartphone around.

I know that CrackBerry addicts will fight the corner for their BlackBerry weapons of choice, but they broke waves in the early days of mobile email. After Palm, and before Google even got in on the game.

The Apple iPhone was, and is, genuinely game-changing. The first smartphone that was smart, in every sense of the word. It appeals to everyone, from techies, to business users to, well, civilians.

But if there is one complaint I hear regularly from iPhone users, it's that the browser can be a little on the slow side. The web-browsing experience on the iPhone is without compare in the mobile world in all respects but one: Safari. If you've ever used Opera Mini on a smartphone of any standing, you'll understand.

Which may explain whey Opera's decision to build a browser for the iPhone has been such a source of conversation on Twitter.

Our very own SmartphoneFocus was one of the first to break the story:

"Opera unveils mobile browser for the iPhone #iphone"

The story tells us that Opera will unveil an iPhone version of its mobile web browser, Opera Mini, at Mobile World Congress next week.

Opera said the new mobile browser would feature its compression technology to ensure significantly faster web-page loading along with its favourite desktop features including tabs, speed dial and a password manager.

Now normally, you wouldn't expect the demonstration of software for a phone to elicit much interest. You'd think that this post from ferratus would be the general feeling:

"Opera wants to release Opera for iPhone. Anyone really care? What's the point? Now mind you, I ask the same about the desktop version..."

But Opera Mini has around 30 percent of the mobile web-browsing market. Think about it: this doesn't include the iPhone or Google Android phones, and you have to look for it, download and install it on BlackBerry handsets. So virtually all of the millions of people who've browsed with Opera Mini have either used it on, frankly, less good handsets, or have been motivated enough to have searched it out for themselves.

As a consequence there is a huge group of people who know that Opera Mini is an excellent mobile web browser. Frankly, it's much better than Safari.

It is fast. Fast, fast, fast. And it changes the way you browse on your mobile.

So it shouldn't surprise you to learn that literally thousands of people Tweeted messages similar to the randomly selected few that follow:

getdonovan: "Opera to show off Mini for iPhone at MWC? Man I hope this is true!"

jotting: "ah, opera for my iphone is a very exciting prospect"

confy_coxy: "Opera on iPhone will be interesting"

So, great. Opera's coming to the iPhone and the Jesus phone is going to get EVEN BETTER.

Well, not quite. Because all Opera is doing at MWC is proving that it can run Opera on an iPhone. And Apple is very, very choosy about what apps it lets on its hallowed product.

I fear that the true story is beautifully summed up by this gem from phoneindex:

"Opera Mini for iPhone to be revealed next week, available never"


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