Mobile phone apps that offer vehicle owners navigation when they're driving are causing the death of the satnav, says

Research of 1,991 Brits revealed 64 percent own a satnav but just 41 percent of these used it on a regular basis. Furthermore, more than half (51 percent) of those that do not own a dedicated navigation device said they use an app on their mobile phone instead while 22 percent said they utilise the 'maps' app on their handset regularly.

Of those that use their phone instead of a satnav, 681 percent claimed the app's ability to automatically update roads was behind their reasoning while 67 percent said it was because it was 'easier' to use their mobile phones. Nearly half (47 percent) also said using a satnav was cheaper.

Three-quarters (76 percent) said they thought satnavs will become obsolete and 55 percent of these expect it to happen by 2020. More than a third (34 percent) also said their satnav had caused them to get lost on a drive.

"It's quite surprising to find out how many people are no longer using Satnavs, although I suppose with advances in App technology, it was only a matter of time before Satnavs apps equalled the quality of an actual Sat-Nav," said Mark Pearson, chairman of

"However, it's interesting to find out that people who already have a Satnav are using their phones instead, purely because it's 'easier' and it updates itself. While remembering do update your satnav can be a bit of a pain, it doesn't necessarily mean it's useless. "